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The OFG is an experienced and proficient performing band (please read our testimonials) and is available for hire for many types of events.

We’d love to hear from festival or event organisers, and we have a strong track record of supporting fund-raising efforts (see below). We can fit into all sorts of circumstances – about the only thing we can’t do is very short 10-15 minute slots within an events programme.

Fund Raisers

  • OFG supply posters, flyers and tickets in advance
  • OFG provide the complete package on the day – amplification, a concert of 2 halves up to 45 minutes each, including “spots” (solo or small group performances), to contrast with the main group items
  • Ticket money covers out-of-pocket expenses, hall hire and printing, and is then split 50:50 up to an agreed amount for OFG. The rest is yours
  • You keep the money from the sale of refreshments: we keep the money from CD sales

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